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  1. aligard

    Registering as a teacher in WA

    Hi, pm me if you need any other info. We arrived nearly 3 years ago and I'm a teacher in an independent school. I can talk you through what I did ( if I can remember !) and I'm happy to help : )
  2. aligard

    Mandurah doctor surgery - recommendation

    Hi, we live in Halls head. We've used Falcon Grove medical centre and are currently using The Bridge medical centre as it's now nearer. Both are bulk billed and have been great. The Bridge is open 7 days a week from 7 am till 11pm and you can just walk in for an appointment. It's also easy to book the dr of your choice online. Pm me if you need any other info!
  3. Hi, I,I currently work in a private school after arriving last year. Pm me if you need any help : )
  4. aligard

    Planning our move to Mandurah

    Hi, we've just bought a house in halls head and used NAB mandurah branch on Tuckey Street. Josie was great for information. Please pm if you need any info. We've been here just over a year : )
  5. aligard

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    Hi, we rented in seascapes for a few months but have just bought in older halls head. We missed the trees and are lucky to see kangaroos every day on our lawn : ) I teach at frederick irwin. Pm me if you need any info.
  6. aligard

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    hi, we live in Mandurah in Halls Head which is lovely. I'm a teacher here too so if I can help, just ask : )
  7. aligard

    Any teachers out there?

    Hi, we stayed at City Heart with Oz house rentals in Mandurah. It was great, really central you can walk to the foreshore. Owners live next door and are brilliant.
  8. aligard

    Any teachers out there?

    Oh thankyou, you too : ) fingers crossed for your house sale, hope it's going through okay! September not long now : )
  9. aligard

    Any teachers out there?

    Hi Stuart, I'm a primary teacher but currently working as a Year 7 teacher in a secondary school. We came over last August and. I did about 3 months supply ( called relief here) in local schools. As soon as you arrive go into your local schools and ask one of them to fill in your working with children form ( you get it from the post office) and then you can start straight away. I was lucky enough to get a great permanent job in a lovely school in January. It was advertised in the western australian paper on Saturdays. There do seem to be vacancies all the time for Maths and Science teachers. Jobs are advertised regularly but most begin around October/ November for the new school year. You may want to do the relief work until one comes up. On the other hand it doesn't hurt to do relief anyway as they'll get to know you and if you do a great job they'll offer you more. As for the paper check the independent schools websites ( AISWa) and get your name down on the different pools for teachers. I'm sure you can access this online but I'll check for you too. We you going to be based NOR or SOR. We're SOR and love it. Good luck, let me know if I can help : )
  10. aligard

    Suburb advise for young family

    Hi, Halls head is lovely. It does have distinct parts. There's old Halls Head with more established properties and trees. Seascapes is newer and developing with big areas of new builds. Falcon is the older, more holiday home area with big houses next to beach shacks. It's all lovely, just depends what style you like. If you have children Falcon and South Halls Head are the better schools, so Falcon and Seascapes areas. hope this helps : )
  11. aligard

    We are here finally!

    Good luck With your new job Nicola! I'm starting full time tomorrow too : )
  12. aligard

    Primary Teacher planning move

    hi, great advice above. I'm a primary teacher living in Mandurah. If you need any help please pm me. I've just got a full time permanent job too so it is possible!
  13. Hi, we live in seascapes/ halls head which is lovely. Out of the two areas dudley park is better, although be careful as some areas are less desirable. dudley park is close enough to walk into the centre/ foreshore. Do you have children? If so, I'd look more at Falcon which is a bit further out but has a really good primary school and rents can be the same as Dudley park. Greenfields has a bit of a reputation so I would avoid it if poss. Pm me if you need any help. We came over 5 months ago.
  14. hi, welcome to lovely Mandurah! Enjoy : )
  15. aligard

    what are you doing at this moment

    Hi, sounds as if you getting things done. Well done. Enjoy!