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Beaches SOR ???


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Hi there,


We've been led to believe that the coastline SOR is not as appealing as NOR. Is it true that it is very industrial in places and not as pleasing to the eye in some places?


We wanted to know if there are any parts that are non-industrial that anyone could recommend to us?


We do not want to rule the south out as we are concentrating on the north at the mo, but a nice coastline not too far away from home is one of our priorities.


Any recommendations, thoughts, opinions would be much appreciated?s



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When we visited Perth earlier this year, whilst we loved some places slightly NOR such as Sorrento, Trigg, Hilary's, we actually preferred places SOR. Coogee beach and Woodman Point are lovely and we fell in love with Rockingham and the area around - Safety Bay and Shoalwater. The water at Rockingham was completely flat and you could walk out a fair bit just paddling, we loved it. In fact when we move over we will be looking to rent in the Rockingham area. The beach at Secret Harbour was almost deserted but lovely.


Have fun checking all the beaches out! Can;t wait to do the same!

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We went to Shearwater last year and found it to be much calmer than the NOR beaches.


We also went to South Beach at Fremantle which was lovely (but I am a bit biased in that my married name is South and we met up with OH's cousins, so we were the South's on South Beach!!)


That's fab, you could pretend your family owned it originally!

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Beaches SOR are beautiful; we found those NOR shelve steeply and not ideal for the kids so whenever north we always headed to Hillary's. We're here for a reccie this time and only been here a day overcoming jet lag and catching up with family but will be checking out some beaches when the weather warms up later this week.

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NOR is just wrong. :wink:


If it were so bad either side of the Swan there'd be no one there :wacko:

Personally, as I pass beyond Cottesloe it just doesn't feel right. When we arrived here we landed in Freo. For the first month I would wander to South Beach with the kids, play in the park and sit in the cafe eating steaming bowls of porridge in the winter mornings.


Between Freo and Rockingham there is a large industrial area. It stretches some distance through Henderson and Kwinana and houses a large BP plant but you're not really aware of it until you're on top of it.

In Freo you have the dockyard with stack upon stack of containers, massive ships and huge cranes but you can watch it all working with amazing efficiency and grace from the opposite side of the harbour where the ferry terminal, maritime museum and E Shed markets are and I love it.


The bottom line though is, you have to see for yourself and it's all relative; "a nice coastline not too far away from home" kind of sums up Perth really.

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Rockingham foreshore is great especially for kids (although can get busy) and you can see the grain terminal at one end, the rest of the industrial area is largely out of sight from most beaches.

We like the almost deserted beaches of secret harbour, Madora bay and halls head.

On windier days there is a great sheltered Hilary's style beach in the Mandurah marina.

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