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  1. Need a good Removal company from UK to Perth

    I had really great service from PSS, friendly, efficient and competitive price. They did everything they said they would at the price they quoted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Leaving a child behind

    Perhaps you need to think of it from his point of view, you say he's at a selfish age but perhaps he thinks you're the selfish ones. You're the ones who want to uproot him from his life for a third time, he probably thinks you'll be home again in time if he stays in the UK. I know you won't like my input but I think you need a balanced point of view. Good luck with what you decide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm living in Duncraig at moment and need to find new rental here - if it's near Glengarry Primary and has a pool and available by 21/3/16 I'd be interested!
  4. Should we buy and bring a tumble dryer?

    I use tumble dryer all the time in the winter, but I'd wait and buy one here if you're gonna get one.
  5. Yes my sons got the phone and has updated it recently.
  6. I got my iPhone 5 unlocked through this website - was a bit worried about paying out £30 as was skeptical it would work, but phone was successfully unlocked in about 36 hrs.
  7. School intake age

    You're lucky, my son just missed the cut off date as his birthday is 9th July, which means he dropped back a year, he'd done 4 months in year 6 before coming here and now he's back in year 5 - his friends back home have now left primary and are about to start high school whilst he's got another year and a half of primary to do - so in effect if we stay here he'll do an extra year and a half at school because of 9 days!!
  8. North or South?

    Or people could just skim over the threads they are not interested in or are bored of and let others ask the questions that they feel they need to!!
  9. For Sale - Thule Four Bike Rack

    Hi, can u put a pic on please, is it universal for all cars? Whereabouts are you?
  10. Transferring cash!

    Call me stupid if u want, but I've just realised that u get a better rate the more money u transfer! So I've been transferring £10000 at a time with Moneycorp, whereas if I'd have just transferred the whole lot of our money I'd have got a better rate and several hundred dollars more!! I only did it like that because there is a daily limit with my bank on how much I can transfer!
  11. Visa granted !!!!!!!

    Fantastic news, here are some photos to get u really excited!!
  12. I know no one will care but ......

    I've got a job!! Start on 2nd June doing Admin in a posh all girls boarding school - think they liked my English accent! Now making the most of my time relaxing, so glad the weather is still beautiful.
  13. Perth couple seeking new friends

    Hi JenPen, we are living in Duncraig been here 3 months so if u need any help when u get here give us a shout [emoji2]
  14. I'll come along [emoji2]
  15. New Friends

    Hi Just sent u a pm, would like to meet up with new people, if you're arranging anything it'd be good to come along.