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Second hand furniture


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As VS says, verge surfing is awesome for furniture, you'd be amazed what people turf out but you have to get in early as the choicest pieces will go quickly.

This map; https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=212616531098077711607.0004a1033c282792e2363&msa=0 shows all the areas and their collection dates so around a week before you can have some fun scouring the streets for little gems.


Gumtree is awesome too. Stuff that I would have paid a fortune for in London can be bought for next to nothing if you're interested in the right stuff. I love mainly 50's and 60's utilitarian furniture and there's a growing appreciation for it, particularly Danish pieces so the prices are going up. A lot of the ten pound poms and earlier European expats came across with cabinet making skills so there's a lot of Euro inspired pieces manufactured in Australia by companies that have sadly closed down.


eBay isn't particularly well used in WA, more so in the Eastern states but shipping costs a fortune. Having said that, as it is still something new to use eBay you can get some great bargains on it.


There are also some Op (charity) shops that specialise in furniture but in my experience they tend to ask a lot for trashy furniture though there are a couple of good ones if you're 'in the know' and making friends with the manager and letting them know what kind of stuff you'l buy is never a bad thing :wink:


There are also some great little s/h furniture stores but again, a lot of them want silly money unless you know the ones tucked out of the way.


When you get here let me know and I'll point you in the right direction but reappropriating old furniture, particularly when there's something of a downturn is a great idea, just don't tell everyone.... oh darn!

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I got the nice idea about the second hand furniture in this forum. Gum tree and verge collection seems to be trustworthy from the discussion of this forum as I am very fond of and quite passionate about the diverse kind of wooden furniture may it be of new style and pattern or it may have classic look with elegant and graceful beauty.

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I love doing up old furniture too, gumtree is your best bet.....I've got quite a few retro pieces waiting to be done up. I've picked up all sorts, just gotta be quick & check it a million times a day. Also try the larger op shops, I got a retro coffee table from salvos for $4. Bargain.

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