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What to pack in suitcase when leaving uk?


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Just trying to start thinking about flights and what route we will take to migrate to Perth.


i see lots of people say you get extra bag allowance for migrating, but I'm trying to think of things that we would want to take in suitcase rather than container.


theres only two of us and we did think about stopping off for a week somewhere on the way, but not sure if we can if we have excess baggage and are meant to be heading to Perth.


any advice would be useful.



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Guest Guest6235

I'm carrying lots of important paperwork that I don't want to go missing in a container. Then it will really just be clothing. We move in with my parents in mid November until 26th Dec as the shippers come on 11th Nov so if you're doing something similar you'll have to plan for having plenty of winter clothes as well as summer one's.

When do you go?

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My wife and I flew with Singapore airlines and got the 40kg luggage allowance as we were travelling one-way on an unvalidated permanent visa. We also had 4 days in Singapore and Singapore airlines allowed us to have the 40kg on the interrupted 2nd leg of the journey. All we did was get an email confirmation from them before we departed but it wasn't needed (but it was good to have just incase!).

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As well as clothing (pack these according to the time of year - no point arriving in December with a load of jumpers and if in winter, no point in just shorts. Also bring clothes for work / interviews)

documentation for getting a rental - bank statements and things.

A few pictures and things to help you feel at home when you arrive.

A supply of any medications you need to last until you get a doctor

any essential things for work. Eg, I brought my compass.

An iPad or something similar to get on line with (make sure it is unlocked as you can't unlook here)

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