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Complete newbie - Question regarding the 189 visa please


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Hi all


Firstly, apologies in advance for any ignorance on my part, I am a newbie to this all.


My husband and I are currently looking into our options to move to Australia. We have visited twice and it has long been a dream of ours to settle down under.


My husband is 35 next month, I am 32; and we do not have children. My husband has been self employed as a carpenter and kitchen fitter during the last 10 years but most of his skills were acquired on the job and, as yet, he has no qualifications. He would be able to provide customer references throughout the years, photos/videos of carpentry work he has done, tax returns, copy invoices and letters from other carpenters he has worked with throughout the years. We would be willing to invest in any necessary training or assessments.


The question I would like to ask is, do we have any chance of getting a 189 visa in spite of my husband's non-qualifications?


Thank you

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Yes you likely will qualify for a visa, you may need to look at the 190 to get 5 points from state nomination, and your partner will need to sit the IELTS to gaing extra points. You prob would only be able to claim 5 years for work experience as the first 5 years would be deducted as if did apprenticeship. TRA need 8 years experience 5 as apprentice and 3 as full qualified trade


Best run you case past a registered migration agent to make sure you qualify, and if you would be able to get a positive skills assessment which will be the difficult part.

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Thank you DyLeB for the prompt response.


Sounds like very good advice about checking with a migration agent - will do some research to find a reputable one.


Will also look at the 190 and also how my husband can go about sitting the IELTS.


Thanks again for responding, it's very much appreciated.

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If say it's definitely possible, maybe speak to an agent to see what they advise then go from there with or without them.


my hubby was in similar situation regarding his trade qualification, he has been a chef for over 15 years and only managed to gain an NVQ level 2 many years ago... This qualification isn't equivalent it accepted by TRA so we opted to having a skills recognition assessment with VETASSESS. Once completed he was awarded a level 4 australian qualification along with a successful skills assessment. This cost just over £1000 all in and took a few months to complete. He is now going for his IELTS for the extra points to apply for 189 visa.


Good luck with the route you decide to take... Well worth the stress, effort and long wait!! ?

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Thanks for your response ninny, that's really helpful.


As my husband has not got any qualifications, we had originally planned to pay out for him to be assessed here for an NVQ level 2, via the EWPA or OSAT route (based on your work experience over the years). From what I have been reading on the forums though, it looks as if this would be completely unnessessary, and that a positive work assessment from VITASSESS is what we'd need. Would you agree?


I just hope that as he has been self-employed/contracting for these years it doesn't affect his assessment in a negative way. We are now writing to previous clients to request reference letters and collating all sorts of paperwork, photos, tax returns and the like.


We we are also completing the paperwork for an agency to give us a overview of our chances.


Ninny, thanks again for replying and I wish you all the best with your application.



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