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What do you do if your visa option is not obvious?


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Seems I am no longer on any SSL, nor do I qualify for state nomination, no family, cannot use investment visa etc etc

Is anyone else aware of any other options? (other than to train for a role which is listed!)

A few migration agents tell me to start the ball rolling as things change all the time, anyone else experienced this?

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They do make the holes in the sieve smaller all the time to narrow down the amount of people who can get into Australia, it is a bugger though.

Your occupation, 'optical dispenser' is on the csol which means you need a state or an employer to sponsor you. if no states are sponsoring this occupation then finding an employer to sponsor you is another option, maybe on a 457 visa. It is a long shot trying to find a job where the employer will sponsor from overseas but just something else to maybe look at.

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Yes, of course you are right! I am struggling to find someone to sponsor me without seeming like I am desperate! In the UK I am quite well known in the industry and get many job opportunities with ease, in Oz it will be a very different story, added to this the extra expense an employer undertakes to sponsor someone from overseas

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