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What's your happy song?


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My daughter recently bought me a Guy Sebastian CD - just for being a lovely mum she said. Anyway, there's a few tracks on there that I love, but there is one "don't worry be happy" - that is just a happy song, love the lyrics and the upbeat tune and this has become my happy song. Played it on the way to work and on the way home and it put me in such a good mood and set the tone for the day.


Do you have a happy song?

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Low Sun - Chicane - the song I use to play when turning off M5 onto A39 to Glastonbury to meet with friends


Everybody wants to rule the world - Tears for Fears just because as soon as you hear the first 5 notes you know it


Sorry pea but I also like U2 Beautiful day and Lifted the Lighthouse family

Another is Croweded House - Always take the weather with you

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I'm walking on sunshine - Katrina and the Waves.


Doctor beat - Miami Sound Machine.


Rusted Root - Send me on my Way. (You may not recognise this one but if you play it on YouTube you'll know it).


Call me Al - Paul Simon. This has to be my all time favourite song.


Beautiful day by U2 does my head in. Think its because it's the intro for the footie. Having all boys, who all love football, they used to play it all the time. Aaarrrrggghhhh.


Used to to Love love Generation by Bob Sinclair but then they used it in a stupid bingo advert and ruined it for me. I should take legal action for that.


I love music. It's played a big part in my life. Up until last year, my dad was a singer in a band. With the exception of scuzz (what's that all about?) I love any kind of music.



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Don't worry, be happy - Bobby McFerin. Played on our wedding day as we left the ceremony.


Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jef and the Fresh Prince (Will Smith). The best summer song of all time.


On a day like this - Elbow. Uplifting strings and an optimistic view to the beginning of a new day full of possibilities.

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Agree, on a day like this by elbow, it always makes me take a big, deep breath in ready to take on the day and all that it brings.


Guilty pleasure has to be 'reach for the stars' by s club 7, just love it!


I think because of the age my daughter was at the time, I have a soft spot for Steps and S club

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So here's some of my favourite happy songs, the story is this:

2008 saw one of my proudest moments (other than my wedding and the birth of my three kids)

After being a "cant run won't run" person for my entire life, my sis in laws caught me at a vulnerable moment on boxing day (vulnerable because I was soaked in gin hehe) and I agreed if I got a place in the ballot I would do the great north run. fairly safe I wrongly assumed as its incredibly hard to get a place.....alas, I did get a place and the training began. It was a hard slog. At times i felt like quitting but after saying to my oh " do you really think I can do it?" to which his response was "erm.... it's a long way" - (which I knew was only his response to give me the determination to complete it! ) I stuck in and completed my first half marathon in 2h20 mins. I was absolutely overjoyed with the accomplishment and Queen "don't stop me now" is my ultimate great north run happy song :-D

other happy songs from my playlist during training were;


Atomic - Blondie

Good Gone Girl ( in fact any songs by ) Mika

Make me smile- Steve Harley

The fear-Lily Allen

So What-Pink

Theme from S-Express

Eye of the tiger- survivor

Chelsea dagger-the fratellis

dont stop believin'-journey

enola gay-OMD

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So many songs so little space :)


goo goo dolls - Iris

james - getting away with it all messed up (in fact all James song I'm gonna miss seeing them live) t in the park this year for our last meeting before I head to oz. I go see them once or twice a year.

lou reed - perfect day

queen - bohemian rhapsody

sinatra - fly me to the moon

the stone roses - I wanna be adored

pearl jam - alive

billy Joel - always a woman

james brown - get up offa that thing

paul McCartney - mull of kintyre

flogging Molly - if I ever leave this world alive

Evanescence - wake me up inside


i need to stop now I'm getting carried away and could go on and on.

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i have loads but never know the titles.. is it my age ??


No not your age! I love loads of songs but have never been great at who they are by or the name of the song. Now I rely on my OH who seems an endless wealth of knowledge when it comes to music :embarrassed:

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Over the Rainbow by IZ...... beautiful song.... beautifully sung by a very talented man with just his ukelele.... makes me smile and gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. So sad that he died so young...


Simply the Best by Tina Turner .... gets me smiling and skipping about full of joy...


Albatross by Fleetwood Mac.... makes me think I am laying on a white sandy beach by a turquoise ocean every time I hear it.... deep sigh!!!!


Lots more but these come to mind straight away.



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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Down Under - Men at Work. Mine would be At the River - Groove Armada. Reminds me of my travelling days. In fact all the songs from their album Vertigo take me back to beaches and endless blue skies (mostly in oz). These days I quite like the Hot Dog song at the end of each Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode.

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I couldn't think of any as I'm crap with remembering names but reading all of yours I have seen loads that are great. I love Heaven too but the Bryan Adams version, also love love love don't stop believin- Journey and Digital Love by daft punk! Hubby takes the mick out of my cheesy music tastes! I do love the Killers, Mr Brightside gets us all singing in the car.

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