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Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

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Looks like they have lowered the annual income threshold for this visa.  But i am troubled by the condition "have no dependents."

Do they mean having no dependents who will come live with you in Oz?

So if all my kids are of legal age and no longer legally dependent on me but they live outside Oz, does that meet the condition?

Even if I have kids who are somewhat dependent on me (e.g. alimony) but they are overseas and I do not declare them in my application, do they bother to check?

I am just trying to clarify the legal language of this visa and find a pathway, given that I am not under 45 and all skilled pathways are closed to me.  It used to be that you could apply for a 189/190 up to 50 y.o., with zero points for age but it is now "under 45 years of age at time of invitation" only.



Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

Features - This temporary visa is for self-funded retirees who have no dependents and want to live in Australia during their retirement years.



You must:

be 55 years or older

have no dependents (other than a partner)

have an income of AUD 65 000 per year (or AUD 50 000 if you wish to live in a regional area)

have a designated investment of AUD 750 000 in Australia (or AUD 500 000 if you wish to live in a regional area).

This is the only retirement visa. If you are not eligible for this visa, you might be eligible for a parent visa.


Length of stay - Four years

Cost - From AUD 330



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It might be worth checking with a registered migration agent.  I read it that you have no children dependent on you (so if they're adult they won't count).   I don't know about this visa, but most other applications ask you to name non migrating family members.  If a child e.g. is of dependent age but doesn't live with you, then this may be an issue is the parent who cares for them is no longer able to do so.  You shouldn't willfully omit any information asked for in an application as this would then be fraudulent 

I would get some advice if you have a dependent age child who doesn't live with you - to make sure.

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First, as mentioned, do not omit any information as yes they do check. They don't detail check every application, but they do some and not only would it result in a refusal, but loss of fee and a ban from other visas.

The 405 is a complex visa and not common so I would recommend you take professional advice.

Be aware it is only a temporary visa

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Thank you very much folks, it is all good advice and personally I would not put myself in a situation that could warrant prosecution and subsequent deportation.  There's a ton of things to handle in any relocation and visa complications are not needed.  Perhaps I need to defer this till I'm 60 to be in the clear, if this visa is still around :(

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Just bear in mind that visas and their conditions are reviewed annually and can change in an instant.   July is the time the new changes usually take place, but not always!   It is a minefield, so be vigilant!

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